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This Whole System is wrong

Any employers or organizations that violate those measures are at risk of being punished severely through the imposing of sanctions and other punitive measures. These sanctions may lead to the boycott of our products and consequently a decline in profitability.
Apart from the threat posed by sanctions, you are aware that our company has built a good name for itself because of its quality products and good public relations. The issue of poor working conditions in our factories in China might just mess up our reputation and put us at loggerheads with governments and customers. I believe that this is a price that would be too high for the company to pay, considering we can institute reforms in those factories and make it better for workers there.
At the same time, I would like to ask for a second look at the ages of some of the workers in those factories. Child labor is illegal, and the employment of underage workers may be detrimental to our hopes for growth and long-term plans. I trust in your ability to make the right call because you have proven yourself as an able, visionary and pragmatic leader. Let us try to balance our ambitions with our methods, because sometimes the end does not usually justify the ...
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I am writing this memo in order to argue my case for the improvement of the working conditions of laborers in some of our factories in China (the South of China to be specific). Currently, the issue of poor working conditions for employees in any line of work is very sensitive…
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