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Operation Management in Winning

The bibliography also describes the founding of Apple Incorporation by Steve Jobs along with his mate Steve Woznaik. Among the various facts those exhibited the gradual development in the skills possessed by Steve Jobs, the author delivers considerable stress on the tough competition faced by the introduction of Microsoft in the computing technology market, which indicates his entrepreneurial and leadership techniques. As observed, to face competition, it is necessary to be aggressive, which was the perspective of Steve Jobs, who also perceived that only differentiation could increase potentials of success for his company. Consequently, Apple became much emphasised on introducing new products more rapidly, as a measure for its competitive benchmarking, which emerged as a nearly impossible challenge for other entities in the market. Thus, the leadership practices of Steve Jobs indicate the importance of technology innovations and its overall impacts on the industry practices (Isaacson, 2013).
Based on the narration provided by Walter Isaacson in this book, the entrepreneurial journey of Steve Jobs certainly inspires to develop an understanding with respect to the needs and developments of technology innovations. The bibliography unveils the many struggles and the inhabitations that Steve Jobs faced when he initiated to become an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, overcoming all the challenges, it was his passion and excellent understanding of market demands that led to the successful foundation of the organisation. Additionally, the importance of engineering and technology was prime to Steve Jobs that also influenced his passion to creation and innovation (Isaacson, 2013).
The introduction of Steve Jobs to “Silicon Valley technology” facilitated the interests of many others towards electronics and technical designing, and thus, stating that Steve Jobs was ...
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The biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson, draws the reader’s attention to various concerns of modern day leadership, addressing the various strengths and shortcomings of Steve Jobs’ leadership practices. The bibliography of Steve Job describes his entire life,…
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