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Other types example - E-Health Insurance + Peiter Dijkhuis

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Other types
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One of the techniques of achieving this is by using their application or e-health. The company’s chief innovation officer visited our classes to share…

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In addition, the insurance company provides customers with the same basic products across all ages. Their composition is 50 percent customers of fired employers and 30 percent direct of new customers.
The company’s health insurance rules differs from those of other insurance companies and they usually take in all types of customers both healthy and unhealthy ones together with all various types of leveling. Nevertheless, the biggest challenge for the company is giving a discount to unhealthy customers. The company’s system is excellent for singularity though not good for investment stimulation and this makes it hard to earn money in this particular direction.
In November 2014 vitality program, each customer can receive 100 points annually and can get additional points and they can use these points as well as choose some service from this vitality program so as to enhance their health. However, they lack the measure for their vitality. Through use of a tiny wearable system, measurement of everything and collection of data of a customer’s health can be effectively done. This system resembles a watch and costs around 150 Euros with the prices anticipated to drop by 5 years.
The people grow quite old, or unhealthy, and they aim at getting more people to grow in a manner that is healthy. The company’s mission is making the residents of Friesland region to grow in manner that is healthy in addition to guaranteeing delivery of extremely high-quality of the health service to customer.
Portfolio box website basically focuses on what the company does. Thus, the website explains that Portfolio box concentrates on making the boxes for use during presentations. The website is so on point such that it explains in detail what they do and why they do it. The website carries the company’s tagline which is “our Portfolioboxes are ...
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