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chapter 7

Team work emphasis
Ordinarily, the claim of hatred of people in different functions by Richard Palemo of Xerox is true and binding. The variation in attitude of hatred could be as a result of many reasons. The members do not show respect with one another. When an organization lacks respect among the employees there would be hatred and no unity will be in the organization. The problem of superiority complex and lack of appreciation in the organization has also been the source of hatred. Most of the employees cannot stand to work in the place where there is no appreciation and promotion. Hatred towards the senior develops when the demand for the workers are not met. In addition lack of common purpose could also be a source of hatred.
To solve these problems in the departments, I will institute a proper mechanism that will make the employees to have same vision and purpose.Ordinarily, same purpose will promote collaboration and this reduces hatred. There is also need for motivation and appreciation among the employees. Hatred will reduce when employees are promoted or given incentives when they perform. Above all, there is also the need for proper communication among the ...
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This mainly deals with the customer’s satisfaction, retention and value. The customer focus is important as it supports the process view of organization. The internal…
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