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The current compensation system is not motivating the employees sufficiently. A lot of the employees lack experience and educational credentials. Half of the staff has been working for the store for less than six months and these workers are either high school or college students. The sales of the company are below the expectations of the parent company. It is imperative for the company to improve the communication between the managerial staff and the workers. This can be achieved through the implementation of feedback systems. A feedback system can be implemented by simply putting a suggestion box in a wall so that the employees can express themselves and provide ideas. A lot of times the best ideas are hidden in the minds of the blue collar workers. The firm has to immediately deal with the preparation of the staff. The company has too many unqualified employees working for the company. In an ideal situation all the employees of the company would hold at least bachelors degree. There are a lot of young employees working for the company that lack work experience. The retail industry has become extremely competitive. A way for the company to improve the motivation of its workers is by offering scholarships to the best performing employees. The scholarship award will be worth $5,000 per semester. ...
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The store faces a variety of challenges that must be resolved in order to ensure the profitability and longevity of the store. In the business world managers have to be able to adapt to situations and find effective alternative solutions to resolve problems…
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