Executive Summary (Do celebrity endorsement change the consumer buying behaviour on clothes?)

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Executive Summary Researchers have stated that the use of celebrity endorsements by brands can create encouraging response from customers and enhanced buying intent amid consumers as against brands that do not utilise celebrity endorsements. This is because a celebrity is considered to be an enormously advantageous instrument to draw the consumers’ interest to promotion and advertising communication of a brand in a media ambience that is cluttered and packed with thousands of advertisements.


The aim of this study was to inspect and comprehend the impact on celebrity endorsement on the consumer buying behaviour in context of the apparel industry. The underlying principle of this research study was to explore the consumers’ outlook in terms of brand personality in combination with their purchase behaviour in relation to celebrity’s advertised apparels. The findings of this study revealed that consumers, particularly those belonging to the younger generation, prefer to buy clothes that are endorsed by celebrities owing to the associated brand value. However, when it comes to quality of the product, it was found that majority of the consumers, irrespective of their age, would not compromise on quality just because of the appeal of the endorser associated with the brand. The prominent finding of this study was that consumers mostly opt for apparel brands that have a high level of visibility owing to celebrity endorsement.

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