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Personality Development Personality traits are present in all of us, but each theorist that we have studied has a different explanation as to how we acquire them. Some believe they are hardwired into us from birth, while others believe that we simply model behaviors from others, and still others will argue that we’re conditioned to act the way we do.


Operant Conditioning theorists would say that the client modified her own behavior. Her aggression was reinforced, or not punished, and so is now a mainstay in the personality. Observational Learning followers would argue that the aggression stemmed from watching, learning and modeling the behavior from others. As these three theories differ in why the client shows aggression, the treatment from each is likewise unique. Cognitive therapy may include challenging the negative thoughts so that the client realizes that action must be taken. They would work to change the dysfunctional thinking so that the negative thoughts associated with the aggression would be transformed into positive thoughts and maybe be eradicated entirely, given ample time. Operant Conditioning therapy would most likely use a reward and punishment system to thwart the aggression. They may even set up a behavioral contract, where the client must live up to their end of the bargain in order to achieve the reward offered. To live up to your end of the bargain, you have to lessen the aggression and learn new ways to focus your anger. ...
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