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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Adult obesity Obesity is a condition in which excess accumulation of body fat poses a health risks that may lower an individual’s life expectancy rate. On the contrary, overweight is excess body weight of the muscles, bones, water, and fats in the body…


In this regard, obesity is treatable through proper dieting and regular exercising. In take of sugary foods and those with high starch content, need avoiding in maintaining the average body weight. If not avoided, obesity may be a possible cause of death among the productive young generation. In the recent years, adult obesity has been on the increase especially in the developed countries. Statistics show that over a billion adults are obese with the women leading in being obese (WHO, 2012). On the contrary, obesity is a preventable medical condition to which treatment is also possible. Environmental attributes that encourage unhealthy eating Unhealthy eating habits are a vital public health issue among the young adults in their transition in to adulthood. According to Ganasegeran et al (2012: 1475), the young adults in universities relate their poor eating patterns to the hectic time schedules in their learning curricular. In addition, they argue that this is the main reason as to why they find themselves indulging in substance hence exposing them. In essence, bad eating habits facilitate the unnecessary gaining of unneeded weight. Sequentially, lack of adequate sleep, use of certain medications, and pregnancy may be the other causes of adult obesity (Mayo Clinic, 2012). ...
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