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Albert Reese Strayer University Dr.Johnnie Woodard MKT 500 10/29/2012 Inter-Global Medicare’s Expansion Strategy The business idea is effectively crafted to ensure smooth operation and actualization of the proposed service and product delivery. Inter- Global Medicare is projected medical facility with affiliates and franchises that seek to determine itself as a market leader in the dispensation of medical services and products.


Besides, a number of other branches and affiliates in the larger expanse of the African continent will be setup. Some of these will be in Cape Town and Johannesburg, (South Africa). Other locations would be Nairobi, Kenya as well as Alexandria and Cairo both in Egypt. The three are the sampled business hubs in the continent and promise the best returns for the venture. In all its operations, the organization seeks to uphold quality and professionalism in the provision of affordable health care services to enable the achievement of a disease free society. It will use this as its brand positioning tool. The firm hopes to operate in foreign locations as well with Africa being an emerging market which promises a good ROI. The firm has a setting which favors it fundamentally as well as sentimentally in attracting potential business opportunities. Having good quality product and service packages would likely attract upper and middle class citizens in the market. These people can afford quality health care. In most cases in the developing countries, such people usually seek alternative opinion on medication from the developed countries. The U. S is one such destination for such patients. ...
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