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Medical Anthropology

The increasing interest on global health issues may have been fueled by the United Nation’s Millennium Poll, besides the fact that it has been the primary concern of the majority of citizens. Globally, much efforts are exerted to improve health standards, whether or not individuals come from rich or poor countries. However, it is still obvious (Bloom & River Path Associates, 2000) that whichever regions of the world, health problems bring discontent to people coupled with perceived inequalities. Sen (1999) states, health depicts a complex challenges and consequences to national governments. As the richer countries enjoy better health than poorer ones; health improvements are not automatically delivered in the market does (Sen, 1999). Understandably, major turn overs in health status are structured according to the same foundations as that of the economic growth — up-to- date knowledge and technology, new labour requirements and new investment. However, (Bloom and River Path Associates, 2000), the process that enabled health to improve is on parallel direction and not the same as that of the economic development. ...
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The increasing interest on global health issues may have been fueled by the United Nation's Millennium Poll, besides the fact that it has been the primary concern of the majority of citizens…
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