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Operational Warfare and Describe the Revolutionary Nature of Interwar Period - Essay Example

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This paper seeks to define operational warfare and in doing so the paper throws light on the revolutionary nature of interwar period. The term operational warfare received wide level of publicity prior to and in the Second World War and the pioneers who propagated operational warfare were the German and Soviet armies…

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Operational Warfare and Describe the Revolutionary Nature of Interwar Period

Operational warfare is the term derived from Russia during 18th and 19th centuries. Operational warfare is a concept based on the military theory, which suggests a norm towards the behaviour and trends in the military affairs. It was developed during the period of mechanisation of armed forces. It signifies coordination of different level of command from small level of action to a higher level. Operational level has gradually changed in case of size and objectives of armies. Operational level formation was not powerful in the post cold war era, but during the cold war and the Second World War, operational-level formation was highly powerful.
In his seminal book The Framework of Operational Warfare Clayton R. Newell elaborates on the three perspectives of wars- tactical, operational and strategic perspectives. The activities of war change according to how it is viewed. One can understand about the war by analysing these three perspectives. Among these three, operational perspective is the newest which is associated with land warfare. As Newell rightly observes, “even though the origins of the operational perspective can be traced back to the eighteenth century, it remains a new idea in warfare when compared to the hundreds of years of warfare which have been studied from only the two perspectives of strategy and tactics” (Newell 17). ...
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