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Essay example - Organisations & Competition Concept: Managing the Environment

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Proposed organization of study. The proposed organisation of study is Karel's company which is a fruit and vegetable trader and wholesaler we shall name as Fruitee Vegie Trading Company (FVTC) for reference purposes. The company from its creation was operating under a sole trader status1 and had progressed to acquiring two more companies of same businesses in Caslav…

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With the present set up diversity in its goals must lead to promote a healthy environment to a happy and healthy customer not minding several steps that it will take to reach the items to individual consumers.
Objectives. Fruitee Vegie Trading Company (FVTC) does not change much from the objectives of its sole proprietorship status which is to generate more income and become rich. The goal is subjective and promotes individualism. It caters only to the ambition of the owner and does not objectively conduct proper business appropriation and methodologies in its operations. The only concern is to gain stocks and deliver them as committed and generate income out of the turn of events. We know that an organization cannot live for long without professing collective goals and efficient management of the employees and company's directions. FVTC reorganization to private limited company is a good business action but a mission statement can define more on the company's reason for existence and not the individual ambition concept. ...
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