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Essay example - Management theories

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There is always a new management style that is coming along and is tested in one company or another and shows great promise. Management theory changes rapidly but so does the need for the change. In today's business world of rapid change, one cannot manage their employees the way they have in the past…

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With new management theory so readily available, it seems that few if any of the historical theories meet our expectations today. However, in choosing one the choice here would be the Administrative Principles. This approach, at least made an attempt to focus on the total organization and today we know that each entity in an organization is important to the whole and how those entities function together is extremely important. In this particular theory, Henri Fayol (1841-1925) was the developer of the theory. There were fourteen general principles that were put into place as a part of this principle. There are truly some good things and some bad things here.(provenmodels, 2010).
Division of labor: This is a method of achieving maximum efficiency through the use of specialized labor rather than just splitting people up by the technical activities they do. This is, in some ways, how a hospital works today and many other major businesses too. The division of labor is usually split up by specialty. For example, the business office, the admissions, the coders etc.
Establishment of Authority: Here the true ability to make a decision and carry it out is available to the manager. Today, we call it one kind of power or another but even today, there are organizations that are unable to release this authority even to their top managers.
As one reads these points, it is realized that they are all important today and we thi ...
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