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Cognitive Psychology (in general)

All three aspects make up the entire learning process, and will be taken into consideration in the conceptualization of a public transport. This proposal assumes that the bus is mechanically suited for long drive, big enough to accommodate large quantity of passengers and constantly undergoes regular check-up and tune-up to answer the areas on safety of the commuters. This also assumes that the bus driver is well equipped with existing knowledge about how to drive the bus, whether it be stick shift or automatic transmission;
In General, the bus should be equipped with restroom facilities; comfortable plush reclined seats; spacious overhead compartment as well as walk way; emergency exits; window blinds for privacy and shade, a good heating and cooling facilities that also changes along with the season.
A distinct color scheme must be painted on the bus, using primary colors, because they are easily recognized by the iris in both gender.. The bus should also be equipped with a paging system that announces the destination and stops. The fully functioning air-condition and Television set that will provide both comfort and entertainment during long drive. It should also be equipped with signs by way of posters, indicating schedule, destinations and fare. ...
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Cognitive Psychology is another branch of Psychology that deals with the study in the mental processes involving the areas of perception, attention and memory. Perception is the process of acquiring, selecting, interpreting and organizing sensory information…
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