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Management problem solving

The very fact that now people are being considered as resource instead of liability marks the importance of human beings constituting this resource. Moe's too believes in valuing the contribution of its workforce. But at times situations arise which present not only a challenge, for the HR manager, to come out with effective solution to the issue but it also provides a wholesome learning experience
i. Moe's is basically into services i.e. service sector organizing i.e. Moe's mission basically centers on welcoming the hunger of its customers and then satisfying it. The smiling staff spread the fragrance of a hearty "Welcome to Moe's!" when the customer walks in. Therefore Moe's is into hospitality events and not in production and manufacturing
I used to tell the boys that customer satisfaction is the key to our success, and believed in positively motivating them to excel in life. Motivation in simplest terms can be defined as a means of providing motives. Motives can act towards making or breaking the work, towards doing a job more efficiently or for distorting the work environment. The lack of any positive motivation by the managers often results in an automatic provisioning of negative motivation. ...
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I worked for Moe's, the flagship company for Raving Brands, in the capacity of HR Manager for three years before joining this course. I enjoyed working with a team of committed workforce, who were guided by the mission of Moe's to put a Moe's burrito in the hand of every woman, child and man across this great nation…
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