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BRL Hardy Globalizing

1) In 1996 its export sales to Europe stood at AUD 59.5 million up from AUD 25 million in 1991. (sales in 1991, and 1996 where did you that from) in P.3 - Kindly see Exhibit 4 the second line - Net Sales in Australian $ these are sales of BRL Hardy Europe Ltd. I have corrected in the text they are not exports from Australia alone.(59.5 corrected to 69.5)
2) In 1991 this company had an export sale of $31 million. Most of this was bulk production for other brands and diverse mix of bottled products that it marketed directly through distributors. (In P.2 where did you get the $31 mil): Sorry! Can't find from where I got this figure - deleted from the essay.
Christopher Carson MD of BRLH (BRLH) Europe is faced with two issues that would have a tremendous impact on the future of the company. He needs to decide on whether to a) go ahead with the proposed launch of D'istinto in the background of concerns with the ailing Mapocho and b) how to handle the two proposals for entry level Australian wine 'Kellys Revenge' or 'Banrock Station'.
Every organization has a business model, simply described as its "way of doing business" or its business concep ...
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All your questions are answered on this page. The case analysis written by me follow a narrative style which is according to - Describe - Identify [the issues] - discuss [analyse] - conclude [recommend]. I have not followed the question and answer pattern - however, all the questions are covered…
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