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Man and Computer Symbiosis

Preface analyses point out that the symbiotic partnership will execute logical operations a lot more efficiently than man single-handedly can do them. Fundamentals for the achievement of the effectual, supportive association comprise developments in computer time distribution, in memory mechanism, in memory association, in programming languages, and in input and output tools. Man-computer symbiosis is a subset of man-machine setups. There are a lot of man-machine setups. Presently, yet, there are no man-computer symbioses. The expectation is that, in a few years, human thinking and computing technology will be joined in concert very strongly, and that the consequential company will think as human mind has never thought and process facts in a manner not moved toward by the data handling machines which is known at the present time.
Nowadays computers are designed mainly to solve pre formulated problems or to process data in regards to prearranged processes. The way of the computation can be conditional upon consequences acquired throughout the computation, but all the substitutes must be foretold earlier. ...
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Man-computer symbiosis is a predictable growth in supportive communication between men and electronic computers. It will engross very close combination among the human and the electronic parts of the partnership. The major objectives are to keep computers maintain formularize thinking the same as they now solve the formulated problems, and to facilitate men and computers to collaborate in making verdicts and managing difficult conditions without rigid dependence on prearranged programs…
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