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Essay example - Computer Literacy: It's not an Option Anymore

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The long list of requirements necessary to successfully complete a college program can make the process of getting a degree a demanding task. Undergraduates have requirements for academics such as math or English. Different majors each have their own unique set of requirements…

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Computers are the media of choice that many teachers use to get assignments and instructions to the students. These may be in a wide variety formats that need to be understood by the student to be able to access them. They may be PowerPoint, word perfect, or zipped. They may be available to save, open, or download. It's the responsibility of the student to successfully access this information. Without the skills needed to be able to access this material, the student's grades will suffer. A health science class should not have to take the time to tutor students on downloading an assignment. The professor does not want to hear about missing assignments or listen to excuses. The student should be required to understand the myriad of formats that assignments may take and be able to successfully download them.
A good student will spend a considerable amount of time at the library. As more and more books, papers, and journals are made available electronically, much of the student's library time will be spent online. These are the materials that students use daily to write reports and conduct research. However, to make use of this valuable resource, the student needs to understand how to search, locate, and download it. ...
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