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In Cold Blood

Filled with scenes, rather with historical narratives of the events, as well as conversational speech and first person point of view, new journalism has distinct elements that separate it from standard retrospective journalism and from the usual literal non-fiction. It is this new way of presenting events that Truman Capote pioneered with his book "In Cold Blood".
The book "In Cold Blood" describes the murder of Herbert Clutter, a wealthy rancher and prominent citizen of Holcomb, Kansas his wife, and his two teenaged children in November of 1959. They were brutally murdered in their home by Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, two paroled criminals. Truman Capote, in the unique style that is to become the foundation of new journalism, chronicles the search for the killers by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. In the book, he successfully describes the mindset of the killers, as well as the other real characters in the book, after an extensive research and interviews with the persons involved. He sucssesfully captures not only the spirit and mind of the characters, but also the synergistic effect of the entire intricate net of people and events that set the backdrop of the book. ...
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The concept of journalism is as old as the human desire to discover the truth. Gathering, writing and reporting news and events as truthfully as possible represents the founding principles of the disciple of journalism. Any discipline, even as one as old as journalism, is susceptible to change and modification based upon the structure of society, as well as on the concepts of people that consist that society…
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