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Essay example - Information Technology in Business

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Information Technology is one of the most prominent and widely usable technologies of the present era. It can be used in almost any field and promises better results. It makes things easier to handle, understand, manage, organize, comprehend and even reuse later on…

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It can make employees more comfortable and happy, which in turn yields better results in productivity. It might also be able to conserve on time and resources by making work easier and faster.
It is one of the most beneficial creations of the new century, which has taken human life into a new era of technological advancement, into a world where new possibilities are achievable and business experiences a new perspective, which is easier to handle, yet gives you better results, definitely a worthy option to be considered worth applying and thus executing a better corporate position and get endless business opportunities. Information management is one of the fastest growing areas of experimentation these days, with new areas being explored everyday and new evolutions and revolutions taking place in very short lapses of time. (C Kenneth Allard, 2004)
The paper talks about the implications of information technology for businesses in order to achieve competitive advantage over other competent business rivals. Further more; it talks about different aspects of IT, the reasons why IT is not the only thing to be considered and finally, the different implications of IT and some examples of the systems that can be used to achieve competitive advantage.
Competitive advantage is basically a hold of a particular firm over the industry. ...
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