Credit Card Debt

High school
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A. Attention: Last semester, 20 year-old Leesa was a 4.0 student on a full scholarship and an active participant in campus activities. This semester, Leesa struggles to make it to class, has been placed on academic probation, and is losing her financial support.


C. Preview: What I'm going to present to you in the next few minutes could save you from a lifetime of misery. I will make you aware of the credit card trap with its fine print and show you how to avoid the pitfalls of its seductive lure.
A. Summary: I've demonstrated the negative effects that out of control credit can have on a student's academic performance and their health. It can be a problem that has the potential to escalate into a lifetime of agony.
B: Final Appeal: A credit card can be a blessing if you need emergency automobile repair. It can also be a curse if the user doesn't understand the ramifications of making the payments. A course in credit management could instill a sense of responsible use, an understanding of the fine print, and eliminate the problem of massive student debt.
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