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Principals of Management

If customers needs more detailed information not covered on the terminals, service centre staff needs to refer customer to the service centre manager who have a greater knowledge of services and products to ensure customer gets the correct information.
The new customer service manager experience a increase in calls referred to her by service centre staff, even though they could have answered some of the questions themselves. This resulted in increased delay for customers as the manager will have to address more queries than necessary. This is supported by rising customer complaints about the time they have to wait on the phone. The manager is concerned and requested some guidance on the possible use of McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y to motivate staff.
Firstly it is obvious that the service manager are new and may have taking the position over persons who have been with the bank a longer time, persons with more experience and skills. These persons may feel that they are not seen as good enough and that is why they where not considered for the manager position, influencing them negative and this they retaliate by acting as if they are unable to address the customers queries.
Then the tasks these service centre staff have to perform has been designed in a monotonous and boring manner, offering no real challenge or a opportunity for staff to use their own initiative. ...
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A newly appointed customer service centre manager of a prominent bank is experiencing a low level of cooperation from service centre staff, even though they have tightly defined job descriptions, and are controlled by strict procedures and conditions of service…
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