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Essay example - Wheel Works Cycling Company Business. Case Study

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In the work of Halepota (2005:16) motivation refers to “a person’s active participation and commitment to achieve the prescribed results".The researcher further argues that the concept of motivation is abstract because different strategies produce different results at different times…

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Some other researchers (e.g., Friedlander, (1964) refers to motivation as, “the amount of effort people are willing to put in their work depends on the degree to which they feel their motivational needs will be satisfied. On the other hand, individuals become de-motivated if they feel something in the organisation prevents them from attaining good outcomes (Friedlander 1964).

It can be observed from the above definitions that, motivation in general, is more or less
basically concern with factors or events that moves, leads, and drives certain human action or inaction over a given period of time given the prevailing conditions. Further more the definitions suggest that there need to be an” invisible force” to push people to do something in return. It could also be deduced from the definition that having a motivated work force or an environment in which high levels of motivation are maintained remains a challenge for today’s management. This challenge may emanate from the simple fact that motivation is not a fixed trait –as it could change with changes in personal, psychological, financial or social factors. ...
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