Guarding Efficiency of Emergency Informational Systems to Protect Citizens - Essay Example

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Guarding Efficiency of Emergency Informational Systems to Protect Citizens

With the ever-changing advancements in technology, however, many of its operations, including its 911 operations system, require improvements for efficient communication to adequately accommodate the needs and provide sufficient safety for all citizens.
According to former fire Lieutenant Michael Pena, information sharing is an essential component of any rescue operation. Without proper information sharing, a rescue operation could be frustrating (Golden, 2006). Thus, a centralized source of information offers efficient communication, which is critical for the operations of many organizations (ISACA). A centralized source is even more effective when it has the capabilities to quickly relay information to other sources. Of FLPD's three major bureaus, the Support Services Bureau contains The Information Services Division, which handles all communication functions (SafirRosetti, 2006).Within the Information Services Division is the Information Systems Unit (ISU). The ISU is connected to many important systems to support and manage numerous critical functions. ...
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Public safety is an integral yet complex aspect of any society. Furthermore, communication is a key element of effectively ensuring the public's safety. Without effective communication, any branch of emergency enforcement is susceptible to failure. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department of Florida (FLPD) acknowledges its responsibility of ensuring the safety of its citizens ( and depends on the interconnectedness of its bureaus to ensure safety of its community (SafirRosetti, 2006)…
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