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Detective Fiction

Holmes stresses on method, style, verifications, physical peculiarities, civic identity, personal anagraphical data, which eventually gave rise to anthropometry and dactyloscopy and remains perhaps the greatest fictional detective till date, who fulfills all the professional requirements of one, and other lesser detectives are compared with him to their disadvantage.
There are many differences and similarities in Holmes of Speckled Band and Marlowe of The Deep Sleep. Characteristics, ways of solving crimes, diverse approaches show the gulf between them more than the similarities. Holmes' professionalism is rooted on astute Observations and logical reasoning. Conon Doyle, being a medical man, with extensive travel knowledge and science background, created the unerring master brain.
Holmes is assisted ably by Dr. Watson, who is a confidant; friend, trustworthy colleague and Marlowe lacked this assistant who brings great insight and freshness to Holmes's novels. ...
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It is told that Conon Doyle was annoyed with the unprecedented and enduring popularity of Sherlock Holmes and thought that the great detective was obscuring his other works and deserved to be killed. Whatever Doyle thought, Sherlock Holmes undoubtedly was his best work from any angle and Doyle is rightly remembered as the originator of Holmes, the greatest detective of the fictional and non-fictional world, ever…
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