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Nursing shortage in Canada

This paper is going to critical examine the nursing shortage facing Canada at present. Canada is going through a nursing crisis; this is an observation being expressed by many people across the country, by the public and the health managers. Where as, there are various perspectives to explain the situation, there is a general concurrence that the present shortage on nurses is worsening and should be addressed, before it leads to poor provision of health care in the country.
There is every reason why the nursing profession should be an attractive profession of choice. McIntyre & Thomlinson (2003), states that the profession of nursing has the elements to being a fulfilling and exciting lifetime career of choice, providing challenging and different practice opportunities. Nursing profession allows for flexibility of job employment and gives a chance for a balanced work and family life. It provides endless opportunities in education, research, administration and a lot more. Yet in Canada, fewer students are enrolling for this profession contributing to the shortage. (McIntyre & Thomlinson, 2003)
The barrier of solving the problem has been lack of proper health policies that can address the situation. ...
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Though nurses offer very important services and nursing is a stimulating career option, Canada is facing a serious problem provincially and nationally of shortage of nurses. The number of available nurses in country has continued to decrease. Funding cuts from the government have led to insufferable working conditions and detrimental working atmosphere…
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