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Leadership & the Role of Managers

4. She is an innovator. I have observed, on more than one occasion a creative and innovative solution is required to solve day to day issues. It is not just application of technology or application of mind but more than that. Innovate in her own small but effective way.
5. She is an entrepreneur. The ideas and opinions innovated or solutions worked out for the day to day issues are implemented boldly. This requires an entrepreneurial skill that comprises of boldness in action and clarity in thought.
1. She delays or procrastinates decisions. Where she is not sure instead hunting around and finding a solution immediately, she invariably drags the decision until it is clear to her by itself or somebody else clears it.
2. She has no time for new technologies happening else where in the world. There are developments happening else where and better methods adopted by various people all over the place. This she is not able to identify and apply since she finds time a rare specimen to study and gather the knowledge required. This would weaken her further with passage of time.
3. Her approach towards people management is one of intuition and personal. ...
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A person who is an inspiration and a leader from the front is Dr Jean Palmer of Whittington Hospitals, London. (I have changed the names of the doctor and the hospital since she did not want the name to be released). I selected this person since she is managing nearly forty staff, sorts out their daily issues, makes sure the patients get their due attention and helps in technologically advancing the hospital in general medicine…
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