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Case Study example - Criminal Law:

Case Study
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The case study is about an incident where a guy named Frank has gone to a part with her girlfriend June. Another guy Peter kisses June on her mount (seems without her consent) and touches her breasts. June suddenly pushes him away. Seeing this, Frank rage reaches its peak…

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The first one is Peter, who tried to force himself on the girl and kissed her and fondled her breast, without her consent. While, Frank is also an offender murdered and man slaughtered.
The offence of Peter should be discussed according to the Sexual Offence Act 2003. This law explains that a person who touches somebody without other person's consent with the intention of sexual desire is to be dealt under this act. (Sexual Offences Act 2003). Under this act, a person who is convict of sexual offence can be sentenced for six months or be fined or both of the sentences.
So far as Frank is concerned, he seems to be convict murder and manslaughter. However, his defense can try to defend him on the grounds of self-defence and provocation. After discussing the criminal offence committed by both of them, one by one, we will than conclude our findings derived by analyzing the offences of both. The offence of Peter is a bit straight forward and the offender can be punished now, however, that of Frank needs a thorough study.
The case is very clearly indicating that Frank killed Peter. However, the main area of interesting this regard, from the perspective of Frank is that whether it was a murder or man slaughter. Furthermore, it is also essential to determine that to what extent the charges on Frank (of murder and man slaughter) be defended on the basis of the clauses related to self defense and provocation. ...
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