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Co morbidity and dual diagnosis

We look into 3 studies each of which provide evidence of one hypothesis or another. In the end we conclude that cannabis aggravates already susceptible people's condition who are young users and predominantly male and pushes them into a symptomatic stage of psychosis, rather than causing psychosis in an otherwise normal individual.
It has been demonstrated by many a studies that substance abuse is more prevalent in patients with psychotic disorders than in the general population. What is of debate is whether substance abuse precedes psychotic disorders like schizophrenia and is a risk factor for the disease or whether it is just the fact that people with the disorders tend to misuse the drugs. Alcohol and cannabis are the most commonly abused drugs in the general population as well as in people with mental disabilities. Since the middle of the 20th century, the use of mental state altering drugs has increased. Cannabis use has been on the rise and although many attempts have been made to associate or disassociate it from disorders linked with it, researchers are still debating the full impact cannabis use might have on the public. It is imperative that agreement be achieved on the effects of cannabis so that policies and restriction on community use and definitive treatments can be provided to the affected people.
The exact relation between cannabis use an ...
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This paper looks into the issue of co morbidity and dual diagnosis. Substance abuse mental disorders are often linked together. Alcohol is linked with depression as cannabis is linked with psychosis and schizophrenia. This paper looks into and reviews various studies conducted to elucidate the relationship between cannabis and psychosis…
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