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Human Sexuality - Essay Example

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Human Sexuality

This paper attempts to discuss the characteristics of a sexually healthy person. Furthermore, it gives an overview regarding sexual dysfunctions and sexually transmitted diseases. Finally, this paper provides some ways by which we should protect ourselves and maintain good sexual health.
A sexually healthy person may be described as someone who derives pleasure and gives pleasure in return when engaging in sexual intercourse with the use of fully functional sex organs. In this regard, someone sexually healthy displays the normal symptoms when he/she gets aroused. For instance, a sexually healthy man gets an erection during foreplay. Meanwhile, his female counterpart gets "wet". A sexually healthy person is defined as such since this signify that one is indeed ready to have sex and actually engage in the act itself without further dilemma.
In addition, I believe that there is another dimension to being sexually healthy that involves a person's state of mind. A sexually healthy person is also someone who engages in the myriad methods of sexual intercourse under the condition that his/her overall health and well-being are not placed at risk. For example, a pre-requisite to being sexually healthy entails the use of condom or other means of protection so as not to contract and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that may impair one's sexual health. Those people with fetish or display unusual sexual behaviors may still be considered sexually healthy so long as they do not jeopardize their general health conditions when engaging in sexual activities.
I think that the above is an important definition of a sexually healthy person since being sexually healthy means that we do our best in maintaining our health. It is not enough that we derive pleasure from sex. On top of this, we should strive to keep safe and enhance overall health conditions.
Sexual Dysfunction
Opposite to being sexually healthy, some people may suffer from a form of sexual dysfunction that inhibits their ability to maximize the pleasure derived from sex. In the case of men, some are unable to "get it up" or get an erection. Others may experience pre-mature ejaculation or when they get orgasm long before their partner does ore even prior to penetration. On the other hand, some may not even reach orgasm regardless of how often and how long they have sex.
For women, some may experience pain while having sex due to the lack of lubrication or simply because they are not "wet" enough. In the same way as men, some women may also have difficulty in having orgasm during sexual intercourse. Other women may even be too frigid to even have sex.
These are just some of the common sexual dysfunctions experienced by males and females. Given the importance of sex in human beings' lives, it is necessary that these dysfunctions be addressed. These sexual dysfunctions have direct effect on how one could have children and build a family. Moreover, these dysfunctions may have adverse psychological effects on men and women like the loss of self-confidence. Specifically for men, they may be subjected to teasing from their peers. With the prevailing "macho" ideology, male prowess is often indicated by how much men are able to have sex. Being teased about their ability to have sex is a big no-no for men as this would cause a definitely big blow ...Show more


Like any other creature in this world, human beings engage in sex for various reasons. As some romantics coined the term "love-making", sex is often deemed as the ultimate expression of one's love for another. As the same time, it may also be the case that people have sex in order to procreate…
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Human Sexuality Essay essay example
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