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Essay example - Collaborative Strategies

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As the modernization took place in world's industrialization's sector, collaboration across the international borders took place. The motives were now not just limited to the company's origin but it was to expand its operations for serving all around the globe…

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This also makes both the regions to have something to associate each other with, like a company having a head office in another place and operations in another place, makes people of the other country feel about the company more special, and thus it increases market share. It also gives an extra control to an origin or parent company over the collaborated company and its origin, also it plays some role in having better relations between not only two companies but also two countries and thus governments are involved in a positive manner.
The collaborative arrangements abroad are to reduce overheads and costs, as initiating the operations on the personal expenses can bring a heavy investment and capital into action, which is also not secured, as no body knows what might be the preferences of the origin where the initiation would take place. ...
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