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Goethals Bridge Replacement Project

Once the reviews are a finalized, a final draft of the plan document is proposed.
Possible alternatives include rehabilitating the surrounding environment of the bridge so that no harm is done; a bridge built to south of the existing bridge and destroying the current bridge; implementing toll booths in the most traffic times or peak hours so that traffic could be minimalised with high toll rates; Usage of transit based options that would help reducing the same congestion during the peak hours.
Actions involve building a bridge in the south direction to Goethals bridge; building a bridge in the north direction aligned to Goethals bridge; in addition to this another action is to extend the now present Goethals bridge in north and south direction by building single bridges. These actions impact logically as well as physically the historical artifacts of the surrounding areas. The proposed actions could logically alter the visual view of the subjective resource or it may change the entire texture. Physically, the building up of bridges involves breaking of woods, bricks which involve noise, pollution etc. all these could physically lead to damaging the structure of the architectural resources.
To reduce the disadvantages of the existing bridge is the most important goal of this project. To help people to walk over the bridge as well as allow people to ride bicycles is another usage. ...
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The Goethals Bridge replacement project has gone through several reviews as of now and its initial draft process as per Environmental Impact statement is as follows. Initially the permit for replacement is obtained followed with a notification to all the affiliated consents…
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