How women are seendepicted in the book "the things they carried" by the author Tim O'Brien

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In the book 'the things they carried by Tim O'Brien' sex typecast of women who battled in the Vietnam War are symbolized throughout some of the short stories. One short story in exacting is "Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong" which explains a woman who contributed in the Vietnam War and went further than some of her sex roles that were positioned on her.


Only on a few time did you find a woman who in fact fought in the war. Two women from a different source affirmed that "women served alongside men in that sink-pit of War." Some positions women had were non-traditional.The women are a load and a difficulty as much as they are a prompt of what the soldiers required. "All that crap about how if we had a pussy for president there wouldn't be no more wars'' 'You got to get rid of that sexist attitude." These men had a variety of vision and emotion about the women they love, the women they disgust, and the women that they may not be acquainted with and can only vision of. While the text given to the thoughts of women is small is physique, it is fairly important in sense. (O'Brien 1990)
Mary-Ann, a seventeen year-old girl from Middle America, rapidly becomes fraction of Vietnam. She studies how to chase from the Green Berets, but almost immediately she shifts further than even them, and disappears into the tropical forest. She loves the way Vietnam makes her experience: this portrays the theme of adultery between her and the soldiers as if she is all there, and can not at all lose herself. 'When her boyfriend last sees her, she is wearing a necklace of human tongues'. ...
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