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Essay example - Impact of Major Ideologies on World Systems

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An ideology is a belief often a false one that is meant to convince other people in to accepting something according to Marxist's definition, however systematic ideology finds this definition awkward and tries to discover the origin and description of ideologies and how they interact…

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Systematic ideology integrates all cognitive processes whether logical or illogical, true or false that defines the character of humans explained in theories, assumptions and intuitions. Through these analyses systematic ideology tries to explain why people act the way they do whether subconscious or deliberate.
There are a few Major ideologies that have been identified and described by Walford George. They have the greatest impact on world Systems. A World System is a social organization with restrictions, structures, members, legislation and understanding. A world system is also broadly defined as a world economy. There are several world system types that have evolved due to peoples beliefs in the ideologies. Some of the distinct systems are; Anarchism, Socialism, Liberalism, Marxism, Feminism, Capitalism, and Fascism among others. The following is a look at the major ideologies and their impact on world systems. Most of the arguments placed before these ideologies are open to criticism and are not final verdict on the course of world systems. However these are analysis of very respected social analysts like Wallerstein.
This ideology explains why different people all tend to choose to do tasks that appear to be easier in carrying out and is readily available. ...
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