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As the world embraced the new millennium there were some changes that it had to deal with. There were changes in various sector of the world that were apparently due to misuse of resources. There has been a great degradation of the environment which has led to allot of climate change and other changes that the world has to deal with…

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The main problem that the world has been facing has been resulting from overexploitation of resources and pollution of the environment. Therefore the concept of sustainable development has become synonymous any time the world is talking about looking at the problems that are threatening the survival of the future generation.
Sustainability in the world has been encompassed in the concept of sustainable development that has become a common term all over the world. There have been development of various polices by various governments which are aimed at ensuring that there is sustainable development in their countries. As defined the UN, sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their needs. Therefore it is development that is well integrated in the use of resources which will enable us to meet our needs from those resources and at the same time enable the future generation to meet their needs from the same resources. We are therefore the custodian of the resources for the future generation. (Bateman 2005, p. 4)
There are many reasons that have been given to explain why the world needs to embrace the concept of sustainable development. ...
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