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SPE 565

These are social-cognitive theory by Bandura, 1991, Theory of Planned Behaviour by Azjen, 1991 and Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour by Triandis, 1981.
(Bandura, 1997) defined social-cognitive as a theory that "explains how people acquire and maintain certain behavioural patterns, while also providing the basis for intervention strategies" (n.p.). The factors to be considered to evaluate behavioural change are the people, environment, and behaviour. This social cognition model focuses on self-efficacy expectancies or beliefs about a person's ability to perform certain behaviour. A framework for designing, implementing and evaluating programs are being offered in social-cognitive theory.
To better analyze this social cognition model, analysis of the pros and cons when this model is used should be presented. SCT is an important and effective means for educators in assisting the students to gain new supporting skills by developing feelings of self-efficacy from their own mastery experiences. SLT can help educators determine why certain learning activities work, and why other activities aren't very effective as the students may receive standard persuasive techniques to try to instil feelings of self-efficacy. ...
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A conceptual model confines facts and information in a problem domain as it aims to communicate the sense of terms and concepts used by experts in discussing the problem, and discovering correlations between different ideas. The conceptual models usually used as tools for measuring social behaviours are social cognition models…
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