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Gospel Stories - Essay Example

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Gospel Stories

Jesus asked the servants to fill the empty containers of wine with water. After doing so, the water was turned into wine. The headwaiter tasted the wine; he remarked to the groom that they have saved the best wine for last. John commented that the "water was there for the Jewish rite of purification."
The miracle of Cana happened before Jesus started His ministry. It can be recalled that in the story, Jesus told Mary that it was not yet time for Him to perform miracles. This strongly supports the fact that the time for Jesus' ministry was not yet come. Another important fact to consider in understanding the wedding of Cana is the situation which precedes it. John 1:50 states Jesus' remark to Nathaniel: "You shall see greater things than that."
After the wedding at Cana, Jesus and his disciples went to Capernaum. However, they also opted to go to Jerusalem since the Feast of Passover is nearing. The wedding at Cana was followed by the story on how Jesus made a whip out of cords and drove the people who sold oxen, sheep, doves, as well as moneychangers in the temple.
The prodigal son is the story of a father who has two sons. The father in the story owns a lot of property and is a very rich man. One day, the younger son went to his father and asked for his inheritance. The father, being a good man, gave his younger son the wealth that was due to him. Upon receiving his money, the younger son went to the city and spent all that his father gave him in worldly amusements.
One day, the younger son found out that he no longer has any penny left. He has already spent all of his money. Having nothing to eat, he chose to be employed as a swineherd. It should be noted that among the Jews, swine is a dirty animal and a symbol of abomination and gluttony. However, the younger son didn't have any choice. In his hunger, he even thought of eating the food for the swine. Yet in this situation, he remembered the house of his father. He remembered how their servants were well fed and provided. Thus, he decided to go back to his father's home and ask him to become one of his servants.
While he is still distant, his father recognized him. Longing for his son, he ran toward his long awaited son. The father took noticed of how his son his changed. He put on a new robe on him, gave him new shoes, and put a ring on his finger. He even asked his servants to prepare for a feast to celebrate his return. The fatted calf was also killed for the special occasion. Upon hearing this, the older brother became really furious. He told his father how he had been honest and industrious to him but he never gave him a kid to celebrate to his friends. However, his father told him that everything he has is already the possession of the older child.
The story of the Prodigal Son is one of the best known parables of Jesus Christ. This is told when He went into the house of the chief Pharisee during Sabbath day. The parable is considered as the last sequel to the trilogy of The Lost Sheep and The Lost Coin. The parable of the Prodigal Son is also regarded as the story of The Lost Son. After this parable, Jesus tells another parable known as The Unjust Steward.
Lazarus and the Rich Man
Jesus tells what happens after death on the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. There once was a rich man and a beggar named Lazarus. Being very poor, Lazarus didn't have anything to eat ...Show more


The second chapter of John narrates the first miracle made by Jesus Christ. The story is set at Cana where Jesus is attending a wedding with his disciples. However, there has been a problem as the host run out of wine for his guests. Traditionally, wine is drunk during wedding ceremonies and there should be enough wine for all the guests present…
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Gospel Stories essay example
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