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Essay example - Cooperate Inquiry

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The theory of cooperative inquiry was developed and introduced by John Heron in 1971. Peter re4ason expended this theory and added new factors related to the action research. Reasons' Reaon's ideas and insights lead to the development of the theoretical constructs which, in turn, can be used to interpret the data…

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The total idea of cooperation inquiry is that research is made with people in contrast to traditional methods based on actions research made on people.
The first step is in a research process is to find and formulate a feasible starting point. The main questions of the research are: What issue in practical experience is worth studying over a period of time Does it fit capabilities and do researchers have the resources Is there a fair chance researchers can get somewhere if they research this issue These are questions researchers needs to ask when beginning research. Cooperative inquiry begins with reflection upon such discrepancies and tries to save them from being forgotten in the maze of everyday work (Harwood 72). They become the focus for further development of the research process and for the generation of knowledge about that process. Such discrepancies need not always be negative and problematic for the researchers. Action research can also focus on trying out good ideas for improvements or on the further development of one's own strengths (Schon 43).
Second step - action phase - is aimed to tests proposed actions and record expected outcomes. ...
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