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Book Report/Review example - Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart

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Book Report/Review
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Gary Shyteyngart is an American born writer from Leningrad USA. His first book came in 2003 and was titled The Russian Debutante’s Handbook. The author’s books are filled with humor and a classic portrayal of the Russian society…

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This paper will study the book titled Absudistan by Gary Shteyngart. To begin with, let us touch upon a small summary of the book. This book traces the life and times of the fabulously rich and flamboyant Misha Vainberg. The basic quality of this character lies in his charm. This is a story seen through the eyes of the hero when he migrated to New York at a young age and the country that he fell in love with. Through this journey, the author shows the reader how Misha’s ideals are transformed when he is out of the clutches of his capitalistic world and in the midst of opportunity and freedom. The story shows the reader that Misha’s first love is New York. (Shteyngart, 2006) Misha’s turbulent life begins when his father kills a well known entrepreneur from Oklahoma. Following this event, the entire Vainberg clan is instructed by the INS to stay away from America. In effect, Misha realizes that he has to live his life in St. Petersberg – a place that he does not understand or even want to understand. As the son of the 1,238th richest man in Russia, Misha is the heir apparent to a Soviet fortune that he is not interested in. ...
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