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Sigmund Freud has been both admired and criticized in his lifetime and even beyond that. His theories were complex and are quite intriguing. I have come across an eBook of his Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex


As it is hard sometimes to be true to oneself, acceptance of what one's life has been is an important key.Looking into Freud's stages of psychosexual development, his contribution to developmental psychology, I cannot recall if I indeed have gone through the oral and anal stages. Maybe I was too young to remember. But I distinctly remember going through the "feminine Oedipus attitude" phase or Elektra complex as how Carl Jung called it. According to Freud, this happens during the phallic stage (Boeree). When I was five years old, I remember I was so attached to my father. This romantic attachment by a daughter to her father is also described by Dr. Spock, in his book Baby and Child Care, as a natural stage in a female child's development. Freud also posited the idea that if one had problems in these psychosexual stages, these problems will be manifested into fixations and will affect one's character development. In my experience when I was in the feminine Oedipal attitude or the Elektra complex stage, I perceived that my father favored me over my mother. Because of these, I became quite self-centered and vain during my teens to early adulthood. But as aged, I learned to veer away from these attitudes ...
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