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The myth of Gilgamesh: mythology related - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Report/Review
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The God Nidstye had chosen to test Lachros by offering him an impossible choice. Lachros had angered the gods with his statements that he was in control of his fate. This imposition upon their power was far too insulting. Lachros had even heard to say that there was nothing the gods could do that a human being could not do if he applied reason and logic to the situation…

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The myth of Gilgamesh: mythology related

Lachros had to appear before the Academy to present a very important logical argument as part of the process toward his degree. He failed to convince the Academy Convention of his argument he ran the risk of being rejected. Nidstye also knew that if he failed to appear he would get just once more chance, but he would have to convince all members of the Convention rather than just a majority. Nidstye realized this was the perfect opportunity to teach Lachros a lesson in humility. As Lachros was preparing to leave for the Academy, Nidstye blew silently in the ear of Lachros' mother who instantly fell ill. Lachros went to his neighbors to ask for help, but in getting her to a physician while he appeared at the Academy, but Nidstye had made sure his entreaties went unacknowledged. Realizing that he had to make a choice, Lachros applied logic to his decision. Since he wanted his degree in order to please his mother, receiving it if she were to die would make little sense. So he left the Academy members waiting without explanation while he took his mother to see the physician.
The story of Gilgamesh is one of many alternate myths surrounding a great flood that is best known in the western world as the story of Noah. ...
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