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Chinese Women in 20th century

Far above the ground population in China was among the foremost concern for the nation for the economy of the country was deteriorating to such an extent in the early twentieth century that the people had to greet each other with the word Chi le ma'' or Have you eaten'' (Faison). And for this downtrodden nature of the society, the selfish nature of the male was foremost explanation. But for the elucidation of such problem only the women were hold responsible and strained to afford solution by sterilizations and abortion without their own inclination. The family of their husband only controlled them. They were only the slave of the family without their any aspiration and were bound to remain in the house, and if anyone dared to come out, they were humiliated. The women were not provided with equal ranking in comparison to men in terms of work capacity and work culture. The gender inequality forces them to work on low wages and fewer respect for matching labor.
Some of the unequal opportunities to men were even not tolerable in terms of social and moral responsibility also. The male had the right to keep a mistress as to show their prosperity. ...
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The women of the most populated country China had to suffer discriminations for decade in spite of living in third largest inhabiting nation in early twentieth century. Their fight against the male-subjugated-society was not new as even the Great Britain in nineteenth century and India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc…
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