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Business law help needed

In a brief filed in Gene's suit against Hoyt in a federal court, Ilsa, Gene's attorney, cites, Jon v. Klint, an unpublished opinion. According to a ruling of the United States Supreme Court, the judge in Gene's suit
Nevada enacts a law to regulate Internet prescription transactions. New York enacts a ban on the Internet sale of tobacco products to New York residents. Texas prohibits automakers from selling vehicles on their Web sites. State regulation of Internet activities
The Federal Trade Commission is a government agency that issues rules, orders, and decisions. The Georgia state legislature enacts statutes. The Jackson County Board and the Peach City Council enacts ordinances. Administrative law includes
The Montana Supreme Court decides the case of National Co. v. Overseas Corp. Of nine justices, six believe the judgment should be in National's favor. Justice Peel, one of the six, writes a separate opinion. The four justices who believe the judgment should be in Overseas's favor join in a third separate opinion.
Hua, a resident of Illinois, owns a warehouse in Indiana. A dispute arises over the ownership of the warehouse with Jac, a resident of Kentucky. Jac files a suit against Hua in Indiana. Regarding this suit, Indiana has
Alpha Company files a suit against Beta, Inc. ...
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In a brief filed in Lea's suit against Mica in a state court, Neil, Lea's attorney, cites, Ole! Cafe v. Pan Foods Corp., an unpublished opinion. With respect to the persuasiveness of unpublished opinions, most states
Capital Credit Company files a suit against Downtown Developers, Inc., and seeks, as part of discovery, certain electronic documents in Downtown's possession…
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