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Life Lessons From The Brady Bunch

It not only generates new ideas and values but also transmits them to the younger generation.
The family is the basic unit of society. In our contemporary society, we find many television programs involving families in different settings in different situations. One can say that almost all the possible issues and predicaments have been portrayed in the screen. For an inquisitive mind such as mine, it becomes interesting to find out how these shows affect the general public.
In this study, our attempt will be to examine the relationship between a television program- The Brady Bunch - and its implications to the viewing public. I will be primarily concerned in determining to what degree The Brady Bunch has served as a mirror for society and a medium for transformation or conformity.
The concept of "The Brady Bunch" started back in 1966 when Sherwood Schwartz (the creator and producer of the show) heard that somewhere between 20-30% of all families had at least one child from a previous marriage. He wrote a 30-minute pilot episode about a blended family; a man with three boys marries a lady with three girls and in the end they all go on the honeymoon together. He also had prepared several story ideas about the kids and their growing-pains and problems arising due to the new living situation. (Moran, 1992)
Moran (1992) further relates that when the s ...
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Culture is a learned aspect of the society. It is a social asset and all members of society share its elements. In the contemporary setting, these cultural elements are preserved and disseminated through the mass media from one individual to another and also from one generation to another…
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