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Interpretations of Tsuru no sugomori - Personal Statement Example

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Personal Statement
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Upon my first two listens of the Japanese song Tsuru no sugomori (Nesting Crane), I found the song to be slightly therapeutic, while at the same time a bit irritating. I could make out the sound of a flute, and a stringed instrument. The flute at times seemed subtle then grew to be slightly annoying, as it raised in pitch…

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Interpretations of Tsuru no sugomori

I have a very extensive history listening to music. I'm a fan of multiple contemporary genres, such as Indie, Hip-Hop, Jazz (New wave down tempo and classic), classic rock etc I even played in a high school orchestra, in which I gained an understanding of multiple instruments. This experience has enhanced my appreciation of music. This must be taken into consideration when assessing my evaluation of the music. My initial reaction to the piece was one that embodies what I know of ancient Japanese or samurai culture. It specifically reminded me of the 1969 Japanese film Double Suicide in which the two main characters commit the sacred act of Shinju (double suicide) to profess their love to one another. This song specifically reminds me of the final scene in the film where the two die. I also know that there are many martial arts forms in Chinese and Japanese culture that adopt names and styles compatible with that of animals in nature. This could partly explain the title of the piece. While the song is titled Nesting Crane, personally I envision someone doing movements in the form of a bird rather than and actual crane in a nest. This is just one particular image that comes to mind. The combination of the flute and the stringed instrument produces enough sound to make one think their might be another instrument in the mix. ...
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