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Substance Abuse Treatment

Many of the counselors at GCASA revealed that they actually prefer to work with mandated clients because, even if they initially resent having to come to treatment, they eventually are more motivated to continue with treatment and get something positive from it. Dr. John Kelly, the lead investigator on the study mentioned above is quoted as saying, "Once in a therapeutic environment, mandated patients seem to reflect on their situation and accept the need for treatment. The findings suggest that people can learn from the 'teachable moment' offered by a judicial mandate, even though the initial motivation for treatment is external."
Employees are a vital part of any business. It is better to offer assistance to employees with personal problemsthan to discipline or fire them. Recovering employees become productive and effective members of your
Kelly, J.F.; Finney, J.W.; and Moos, R. Substance use disorder patients who are mandated to treatment: Characteristics, treatment process, and 1- and 5-year outcomes. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 28(3):213-223, 2005. ...
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Recent research published first in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment and then in NIDA notes, a publication of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Volume 20, Number 6, has found that court-mandated treatment works as well as voluntary treatment.
At GCASA approximately 45% of the clients admitted are mandated by the criminal justice system to attend treatment having been referred by drug court, a magistrate, probation, parole, alternatives to incarceration, or their attorney…
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