The Psychology and the History of Quebec Nationalism - Essay Example

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The Psychology and the History of Quebec Nationalism

"While nationalism does not necessarily arise in all nations, it, nevertheless, cannot exist without the context of the existence of a nation."2
Quebec is a nation that has repeatedly attempted to separate from Canada. Specifically, they are seeking to independence from Canada while retaining an economic partnership. Quebec was founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, became an English colony in 1763, was reestablished with French law in 1774, divided by the English in 1791, and reunited by the Act of the Union in 1840. Since then, Quebec has been in a constant battle with Canada to become its own nation. Recently, Canada has opposed all efforts and even some compromises of Quebec's drive for separation.3
In order to examine this issue within the context of Quebec, one must examine it from both an historical and a psychological perspective. The historical perspective will trace the significant developments within this struggle and analyze its historical (including legislative and judicial) issues and impacts. In addition, the psychological perspective will examine the underlying ideas of the conflict on a behavioral and socio/personal basis. ...
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Since the beginning of civilization, people have had a desire to form and bond with groups. As civilization progressed, so did the organization and structure of these groups. Groups became towns, then states, then nations; with the rise of organized nations based upon common goals of people emerges the concept of nationalism…
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