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Human Resource Management College

(Module 3, p 2). As stated in Module 3, a competency is "a collection of related knowledge, abilities, skills and/or attitudes (KASAs) that collectively produce a desired level of performance in a given area of responsibility" (p. 5-6). The paper will discuss competency and metrics for the six different roles mentioned above in relation to the organization I work for. It will explain the nature of the role and focus on the performance deliverables and areas of improvement, which in turn enables in reaching the organization's goals.
HR Competency model. Employee retention, satisfaction and growth have always received high priority in my organization primarily because of the huge manpower required to sustain business. The work force is divided in terms of the service provided for various clients and each division reports to a line manager. The functions of a HR employee are extremely challenging and offer enormous scope for growth and innovation, commanding expertise and discipline in every action. The six roles mentioned above are discussed with competencies, challenges and deliverables below.
Employee Advocate: The Dell services division of the organization has 600 employees under its wing, provides online, and voice support to Dell's customers. ...
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Introduction: The primary aim of this assignment is to design and develop a HR competency model with key result areas and metrics for the roles of an Employee advocate, Strategic partner, Functional Expert, Human Capital developer, Leader and Change agent…
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