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management & organisation behaviour

This book reassures that, success is within the reach of any resolute individual, who is willing to make certain minor behavioral modifications. Primarily targeted at ambitious young adults with self - suspecting tendencies, this book provides ample clarity to all career - seekers on how to do well in their lives.
Jack Welch, the author of the book "Straight from the Gut" was the Chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001. He used to be called as Neutron Jack and he was also referred as the world's toughest boss. And then Fortune called him "The Manager of the Century." In his twenty year career at the helm of General Electric, Jack Welch defied conventional wisdom and turned an aging behemoth of corporate innovatin. In his remarkable autobiography - the author taes us on the rough-and-tumble ride that has been his remarkable life.
Jack Welch's memoir, JACK: Straight from the Gut, is part autobiography and part business theory text. Welch covers his fast trip from General Electric employee to General Electric CEO, his years in the top job (including an in-depth look at the philosophical positions he brought to and developed while holding that position) and the recent search for his replacement - a search that culminated with his retirement in 2001. ...
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Dr. Suresh Arckatty, author of "I Can" is the Dean of one of India's biggest Business Schools with over 20,000 students on roll. He has been facilitating the students' training process, and in finding placements for students in the Corporate World. Most accomplished people attribute their succes to their frit and determination tomvoe up in life through the right attitude, confidence and communication skills.
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