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Discussion Paper "Sample Size" Statistical Analysis

Certain sampling methods require each member of the population under consideration to be known and identifiable. The structure which supports this identification is called a sampling frame. Some sampling methods require a sampling frame only as a listing of the population; other methods need certain characteristics of each member also to be known. The author underlines that: "Better success is achieved by asking concrete questions and testing out concrete examples" (Lenth, 2001). Also, Lenth underlines that sample size is not important in all studies. "It may be beneficial to ask about relative differences instead of absolute ones" (Lenth, 2001). It is important to avoid "canned" effect to obtain reliable results. The article gives critical overview of the sample size techniques proposed by Cohen (1998) and Hoenig and Heise (2001).
Taking into account job satisfaction surveys and present day problems faced by multinational corporations, it is possible to say that tailoring a training program and family support can increases the job satisfaction and enthusiasm of foreign employees and encourages open communication. These problems were discussed by Bruning and Mccaughey (2005) in their article "Enhancing Opportunities for Expatriate Job Satisfaction". ...
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The article under analysis discusses the problems of sample size determination and proposes practical guidelines for hypothesis testing. The author of the article states that the information gathered from a sample (i.e. measurements, facts and/or opinions) will normally give a good indication of the measurements, facts and/or opinions of the population from which it was drawn…
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